Every year there is a selling day organised by the local church for charity organisations. That means most of the money earned by selling stuff goes to these organisations. To promote that day a magazine was made with some info about the day, but most filled with advertisements. So to keep the costs low, this magazine is fully printed in black. My goal was to make the best possible with black as only color and a lot of awful advertisements. At the bottom you see the former version of the magazine.
the old magazine
new versions, all in the same style, printed in black on a colored paper cover, at the cover the charity goal of each year
old magazine spreads, 1 column text, lots of different text heights, underline and more of that awful not-to-do styling, on the right hand 2 or more advertisements
new spread, all advertisements goes left for clearity, at the right page text in 2 columns, text height minimalized to 2 different sizes
advertisement spread
old magazine info spread about the charity goal for this year
new one
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