An Art Academy Graphic Design assignment. Make a logo mark for The Netherlands also called 'Holland'. So only 1 stylized picture. Learning Goal is to make logical design decisions during a process. Concepting, selecting images and distilled from that descriptions, which will lead to vector art.
Endresult. A logo applied on some images to show the context.

First I've identified 5 Categories that represent how I see the Dutch or 'Holland'. They are from left to right: "Recreation, Ships, Local Architecture, Cultural Historical Persons, Mentality". 
What you see from left to right: 'Cycling, Sea Freighter, Windmills at Kinderdijk, Willem van Oranje, Planning'.

To fit these categories together I've chosen namings with the same ending in Dutch:
'Gezellig, Grootschalig, Bezienswaardig, Heldhaftig, Planmatig'

Translation in English: "Gezellig (typical Dutch word, Coziness doesn't fit the whole term but comes close), Large-scale, Worth Seeing (Touristic Attractions), Heroic, Methodically".

From these 5 pictures I distillate stylized vector elements, which later will be used as material for the logo.
Each following picture is distilled following these principles from top to bottom: colors, basic shapes, patterns and more difficult shapes.

Gezellig. English: Coziness (typical Dutch word, Coziness doesn't fit the whole term)

Grootschalig. English: Large-scale

Bezienswaardig. English: Worth Seeing

Heldhaftig. English: Heroic
To mention: specially the badge (orange/blue) in the right bottom is named after 'Willem van Oranje, 1533-1584' (left picture) a former king of Holland, it's name is 'Willemsorde'.

Planmatig. English: Methodically

Searching for similarities. Maybe round shapes? Making symbols by decluttering/distilling them to become as minimal without losing character.

Sketch board. Left upper corner: 5 categories. Top right corner: Selected elements. Bottom: Process of transforming, moving and playing with elements to a final mark.

Final mark. It's minimal, scalable, usable in 1 color and has the meaning of all 5 categories in it.

Explanation. In negative shape (diapositive / black-white) you see the windmill 'Worth Seeing', the arrows (blue & orange) stands for scalability 'Large-scale, Methodically' and the shape as a whole looks similar to the 'Willemsorde' or a Windmill.
Using it in different contexts.
Thanks for watching! I hope you appreciate it to see the process. Contact me for inquiries. 
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